How to Grow Your Blog Audience

If your blog is a business and you want to make money from it, growth and expansion are essential to its survival. A company cannot start, grow to a certain point, then stay at that point and continue to succeed.

A small online business or blog does not need to grow and develop until it becomes a giant multinational company to survive. But you need to increase your audience to be able to build your brand, develop an email marketing list, and make more sales.


Know your audience

When you start a business, you must choose a specific market niche that is neither too wide nor too narrow. You need enough people to support your business by buying regularly, but not a market so large that it is overloaded with competitors that you don’t even have a chance to get noticed.

Make sure it is a fee-based contract

Do your research to confirm that the customers you focus on in this niche are buying books, magazines and regular articles to help them get the most out of their work or hobby. If they own a dog, for example, they regularly buy food, dog snacks, mines, etc. If they are golf enthusiasts, they will buy golf balls, clothing, golf clubs, excursions to various courses, etc.

Create high quality content based on their needs

What are the “hot spots” or problems that people generally have with your niche. If you know your target audience when you write content for your blog, you can address these questions. By doing this, you will be able to increase your audience, because they will feel that you understand them and care about them. They will then be ready to read your blog regularly, subscribe to your mailing list and talk to others about it.

Include a call to action (CTA)

The content of your blog is a framework to build your audience, and to get subscribers and sales. Set a goal for each content element. Then include a Call to Action (CTA) that will help you achieve this goal. For example:

Branded building – “Please love, comment or share”
Traffic on the website – “Click on this link to learn more”.
Subscribers – “Click here to download your free checklist”.
Product Sales – “To learn more, click here for an effective solution.”

Publish useful social media content

Post a range of content on major social media sites that will motivate your audience and are related to what each platform wants. For example, on Facebook, they encourage memes and video. LinkedIn is more of a business-to-business network and Pinterest and Instagram are animated by the image.


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