Importance of Teaching Kids to Clean Teeth

Unlike sharks who get new teeth all the time, humans only get two sets of teeth in their life. That is why taking care of them is so important and Robison Orthodontics can help with it. It is important to teach kids at a young age to clean their teeth. Regular brushing and flossing habits started young will go with your children thru their whole life and help make sure that their teeth last them as long as they need so they won’t visit too often any surgery orthodontist.

washing teeth

It varies on when kids begin getting teeth, but normally by around one year of age the child as a few teeth. It is never too early to start caring for your child’s teeth. When they are young, you can genteelly brush their teeth and gums before bed each night. This will get the child used to it, and when they get older, they will already be on their way to brushing their teeth. Once the child is a few years of age and can talk you can begin showing them how to brush their teeth and explaining the importance to them.

You got to let the child know that they don’t want cavities or gum damage. They may question that if these are just the baby teeth why does it matter. This was when you got to let them know that the adult teeth are forming under the gums by the baby teeth. If the baby teeth get routed, then so can the adult teeth. Also, you can let them know that healthy habits start young and if they get used to brushing twice a day, then it won’t be a big deal when they get older.

Once the adult teeth come in for your child, it is especially important that they know to take care of them. You can explain that these are the only teeth they are going to have for the rest of their life and that they need to keep them healthy. This is because false teeth don’t work very well and are expensive.

dentistAlso, false teeth you still have to clean, so if you are going to be cleaning them or the real ones that they should just clean the actual ones. Also, you can explain that if they have bad breath people won’t want to be friends with them, so this is more motivation to keep their teeth clean.

If you start young teaching your child to brush their teeth, then they will get used to it and won’t be a big deal to them. This is good because good teeth health is important since you only get one adult set and it has to last your whole life.